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Selasa, 5 Mei 2009

Flashbacks 93(Special mother’s day)

Flashbacks 93(Special mother’s day)

Writer:Muhammad Luqman

I born in 1993
I don’t know your condition in that time
Your sick and suffering
Give birth to your last son
You name it Luqman
Where now to be
Handsome and educated

I not like before
Crying without shame
Want a things I want
My mother surrender with me
Lastly she bring me
With riding your old bicyle
Buy my favourite food
Milk in the bottle and Koko Krunch

You teach me useful things
She wants me to be human
Useful for people,country and religion
And all look me
Now I to be youth and teenagers
Respect to mother,father abd world
And now too
I know god and girl

Thank you mother
Because you give birth to me
Without you who is me?
Without you I cannot see a nature
You never have change
You just the one
You’re my worth things
In my life

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